Friday, July 22, 2011

VAMP it UP Tonight on the Dance Floor!

Hello Vampy Vixens!

Here's a way to WOW anyone when you are dancing at the club tonight!  Make your lips stand out using reflects pigments by MAC.

For my first look I used only a black eyeliner by MAC in Smolder to line the lips and color in the lip.  Next I got a clear gloss with reflects of blue in it (any will do) and applied it on top of the black.  I grabbed my Reflects of Pearl pigment from MAC and using a makeup lip brush I mixed it into the gloss.  Your lips are sure to glow in the dark!

Smolder Eyeliner with Reflects of Pearl Pigment and clear gloss.

My next look is more of burgundy vampy look!  What I used was MAC Burgundy lip liner and a black eyeliner in Smolder to line the lip.  Color in the lips a bit with both.  Next I brushed on Bat Black Cream Color Base all over my lips.  With my lip brush I applied Young Punk (mineral eyeshadow by MAC) all over the lips.  Finally I applied Galactic Lipgloss from Chanel.  You can use any gloss with reflects of blue in it.

Vampy Burgundy 

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