Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Art of Scrubbing!

Hello Gorgeous!

My first winter in Dallas this past year was a gruelling one!  I couldn't stop scratching my horrible cracked dry skin!  I was desperate for relief.  I went looking for a great scrub and I found one made by Fresh called Brown Sugar.  It was a little expensive but I needed to exfoliate my dry skin immediately.  It worked great, but with the harsh cold weather and hard water I couldn't use my expensive scrub every single day!  I decided to go to Victoria's Secret.  They had that sale and I thought I would just get a sugar scrub that was not too expensive and use it everyday.  I met a wonderful sales girl who told me she used this wonderful Japanese cloth.  Her husband who happens to be Japanese used it since he was a baby and had always had wonderfully smooth skin.  In Japan bathing is an art, a science, and a daily part of their culture.  She told me since she married him she has never had to buy a body scrub again.  I actually felt her skin!  It was super smooth.  I thought to myself she works for VS and needed the sale, so why would she lie about this wondrous cloth.  She wrote down the name of the luxurious cloth and told me where to buy one (Asian Market).

I can't imagine a shower without one now.  Don't get me wrong I still love my body scrub and do use it once a week in the winter, not so much in the summer.  This glorious cloth saved me from having horribly dry skin.  

The Benefits of Salux Japanese Nylon Cloth

Longer lasting and more sanitary than a washcloth or a loofah product. No mildew odors!  
You can even wash it in the washing machine.
It is 60% nylon 40% polyester. 
It is hygienic and durable! 
Rinses clean and dries quickly after each use
Creates a rich invigorating lather! 
Exfoliates your entire body as it polishes your skin!
Special texture stimulates your skin and promotes blood circulation...I especially love this!
It is 11x35 ins and you can drape it down your back and easily wash your neck and back.

This wonderful cloth was the winner of the Japanese National Invention, and was created in 1966 and now holds patents worldwide.

Price $5!!!!!  WOW!!! Mine lasts me 6 months!


The best place to get these is at http://saluxshop.com/ you can order 

them by the bundle (4 or 6 pack) and you get free shipping.  You 

will actually pay less.  Amazon.com, some beauty stores, and Joy 

Dollar have them as well.  

These make great Christmas stocking stuffers!

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