Sunday, July 24, 2011

Glamour Me!

Hello True Blood Vixens!

Here is Tarte's True Blood Collector's Palette! I was super excited to get it at Sephora's.  They were hiding it in a drawer.  Can you believe that? If I hadn't asked for it I wouldn't have it for you to see today!  I love all the eyeshadows.  They are satiny smooth and have great pigmentation.  I especially love all the dark colors. Especially Werewolf and Glamour Me. They will make for great smoky eyes! 

This little devilish box comes with a secret compartment that holds 3 little items you are sure to love:  Eye Primer, Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes!, and a full sized emphasEYES eyeliner.  This all cost me under $60.

Inside the box! 

Back of the cover sheet that comes inside the box.

What it looks like out of the clear box.

This little book comes with it.  You get 4 different looks.

Other 2 looks.

What it looks like open.  The little drawer is pulled out. You get an eye primer, mascara, and eyeliner.

All the eyeshadows with their names.

Without the protective sheet.

From left to right:  the light, fairy, dusk

From left to right:  dawn, werewolf, waitress, noctural

From left to right: chamber, glamour me, stake

From left to right:  bayou, telepath, the true death, immortal
moss, legend, and "V"


  1. Love Tarte! I've used their eyeshadows and they are great. I also use their foundation with an SPF 15 full coverage and it's the best.

    I clicked on the eyeshadow color image and was able to see the eyeshadows more clearly.

    Thank you for your review on Tarte's "True Blood" collection. They're a limited edition so I better get my soon before they run out.

  2. Thanks Melba! You better get it soon because they will run out!