Friday, July 29, 2011

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Face with Oil

Hello Gorgeous!

Cleansing oil should be apart of your beauty regimen.  Do not be afraid to apply oil to your face!  I will tell you why!  Oil, my gorgeous beauties, will not bring you blemishes, pimples, cysts, zits, blackheads, or whiteheads.  In fact these are all a result of several different factors which include hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells and the continuous buildup of them.  Cleansing oil does lots of wonderful things to your skin.  And yes oily skin too!  

Let me tell you that your skin naturally produces oil because it actually needs it!  Oil is there to benefit your skin, allowing your largest organ to do it's job properly. Did you know that the oil your skin produces protects, heals, and lubricates your skin?  When your skin is functioning properly it is beautiful, clear, and glowing!  You need to work with your skin and not against it.  That is why I believe everyone should first cleanse with oil!

I have been using cleansing oil for years now.  I first did my research before I bought any products.  I have used several and found a few that I love.  The one I love the most is Deep Cleansing Oil from DHC.  The reason I love this the best is because I have very sensitive skin and this has an olive oil base (I am also combination skin type).  In fact olive oil is the first ingredient.  If you know anything about ingredients you know that the ones listed first are in the product the most.  I love putting natural products on my skin.  This cleansing oil literally cleans out all the dirt and muck from deep within your pores.  If you are like me and wear waterproof mascara you will love this.   This oil will remove it all, and you won't even lose an eyelash!

I am going to list all the deep cleansing oils I have tried and briefly tell which is the best to buy.      

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
This one is the best and at $25
and sometimes on sale for $20 

     MAC Cleansing Oil
Works really good 
and costs $24

Amore Pacific Cleansing Oil
not my favorite
I don't like the smell to much.
costs $50

Shiseido Cleansing Oil I use this when I can't order my DHC 
costs $25

My picks are DHC, MACs, and Shiseido. In that order.

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