Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Favorite Chanel Eyeshadow Quads

Hello Gorgeous!

I thought I would show you three of my all time favorite eyeshadows from Chanel.  These colors will complement any skin tone and can be used for a subtle or sultry smokey eye. What ever mood I am in these shadows never let me down.  They are so easy to apply!  The darker shades can be used in the crease or on the lid.  The lighter colors are used for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.

Here is how I wear them:

Enigma Quad I use a Chanel Nylon brush because it makes the eyeshadow go on creamier.  I learned this technique while working with a Chanel National  Makeup Artist.  It actually works!



Mystic Eyes Quad I use for a soft smokey look.  These are super popular!  I think every woman who loves Chanel should own these shades.  They can be used during the day at the office and converted to a sexy look at night.  These shades will never let you down.

Mystic Eyes

Mystic Eyes

Kaska Beige I use when I want a smokey brown look.  I get complemented a lot when I wear these because they are not your average browns.  There is some red in the brown so it makes it looks very different.  Anyone can wear these, but if you have hazel or green eyes these shades will make your eyes look fierce.  

Kaska Beige

Kaska Beige

Chanel has always been a favorite of mine and now with a new creative director the colors have been awesome!  Chanel's Spring Collection was gorgeous and was sold out within the first week.  Their summer collection has just hit the stores, so if you see something you love my advice is to GET IT because it might not be there tomorrow! XXOO

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Fragrance Diaries: Entry #4 Miss DIOR!

First bottle of Miss Dior

Hello Gorgeous!

To quote Christian Dior: "What I remember the most about the women who were of my childhood was their perfume- perfume lasts much more than the moment." Fragrance was a final touch in the making of his dresses.  It is even said that he would sew rose petals into the hem lines of all his dresses.  If you ever encounter a vintage Dior dress just touch the hem line of the dress and you will feel and hear the crunching sound of the roses.  

The "New Look"

On December 1, 1947 Dior sold his first fragrance, Miss Dior!  He told perfumers to create a perfume that is "like love."  Around this time Dior created the "New Look" that was a richer look which created luxury rather than comfort. These dresses were also know for their voluminous skirts.   If  you wanted a Dior perfume you had to purchase a dress!  His fragrances were meant to be coveted. 

The new look of Miss Dior

Miss Dior is now available in several different scents.  Miss Dior Cherie is no longer available (I wasn't a fan of that one). Miss Dior now comes in the original, L'Eau, and Toilette. The original is the actual parfume and the toilette is a little watered down. L'Eau is a fresh floral scent (new to the collection).  

Roses from Dior's garden
Dior owns gardens around the world in France, Brittany, Madagascar, and Uzbekistan.  Here they create some of the finest scents around.

Drugstore Product of the Week!

Hello Gorgeous!

My drugstore product of the week is NYX's Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige!  I just love these lip glosses because they are affordable and look great.  NYX has always been to me a buried treasure in the ULTA store.  When I go to ULTA I always find something new to purchase.  Not everyone knows how great these products are.  I always compare NYX to MAC.  Everything about their products is great! Great pigmentation and texture is what you get with NYX cosmetics.  I also love the fact that NYX is named after a character in mythology (deity of the night).  In fact all the lipsticks are named after characters in mythology. There is even a lipstick named after Medusa ( a sultry magenta color).  

If you haven't tried NYX cosmetics give it a chance.  I promise you that you won't regret it! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Fragrance Diaries: Entry #3 Spring Flower!

Hello Gorgeous!

Another wonderful fragrance I love and cherish is CREED'S Spring Flower.  This perfume was especially created for Audrey Hepburn.  Every time I go to the mall I stop by CREED just to spray myself with this fragrance.  It reminds me of fresh cut flowers in spring time.  

Spring Flower celebrates the exuberance of new romance with a fresh, floral fragrance of pure femininity.  The House of CREED created Spring Flower as a signature scent for the legendary silver screen icon Audrey Hepburn and released it to the public many years later. 

Year Introduced to the Public:  1996

Description:  Floral/Fresh

Characteristics:  Delightfully pink and pretty, Spring Flower is a playful and unapologetic celebration of feminine energy and style that is true to the spirit of the woman who inspired it.  Fruity, floral, sweet, youthful and sexy.

Top Notes:  Peach, melon, apple

Middle Notes:  Jasmine and rose

Base Notes:  Musk, ambergris

Pricing:  1 oz (30 ml), $140
                           2.5 oz (75 ml), $240
                           8.4 oz (250 ml), $380

Comparatives:  Acqua Fiorentina

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fragrance Diary Entry #2: Creed's Fleurissimo Fragrance!

Hello Gorgeous!

In 1760, the House of Creed was founded by James Henry Creed.  It rapidly grew into a favorite of the English Court.  Queen Victoria appointed Creed as the official supplier of perfume.  Soon it became a favorite of all courts of Europe from Napoleon III to Queen Cristina of Spain.  

One of Creed's famous perfumes is the one he especially made for Princess Grace of Monaco.  A real-life storybook romance with Creed's fragrance Fleurissimo.  Prince Rainier of Monaco commissioned this classic floral fragrance for his bride Grace Kelly for their wedding day. 

Fleurissimo was made to complement the bouquet of white flowers Princess Grace carried as she walked down the aisle.  In 2006, CREED celebrated the 50th anniversary of the royal wedding and Fleurissimo.  

Year Created:  1956-  For Princess Grace of Monaco on her wedding day.

Year Introduced:  1972- Introduced to the public.

Description:  Floral/Fresh

Characteristics:  A sumptuous blend of tube reuse, Bulgarian rose, violet and Florentine iris, Fleurissimo will bring out the princess in any woman, and inspire her to dream of royal beauty and romance.  This extraordinary fragrance was also a treasured favorite of another American "royal", Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Top Notes:  Bergamot

Middle Notes:  Tuberose, Bulgarian Rose, Violet, Florentine Iris

Base Notes:  Ambergris

Pricing:    2.5 oz (75ml) $240
                      8.4 oz (250ml) $380

Comparatives:  Fleur de The Rose Bulgare, 2000 Fleur, Jasmal

Jeffery Brockman and Spencer Piro

Come by and visit Jeffery Brockman and Spencer Piro at The House of Creed at Neiman Marcus Northpark Mall.  
Telephone # 214-363-8311 EXT. 2536

The Fragrance Diaries!

Hello Gorgeous! 

Today I am starting my Fragrance Diary.  I currently have a fixation with certain fragrances and their history because of a novel I recently read called The Book of Lost Fragrances.  It is a tale of secrets, intrigue, and lovers separated by time, all connected through the mystical qualities of a perfume created in the days of Cleopatra and lost for 2,000 years.  

Since I freelance for Chanel I was taught all about fragrances.  There are so many things a person needs to know about fragrance when purchasing a bottle. It is always best to try the fragrance on yourself before purchasing it because everybody's body chemistry is different and the fragrance will smell very different from one person to the next.  Never trust a piece of paper to guide your decision on a purchase.  Perfume has 3 Notes: Top Notes, Middle or Heart Notes, and Base Notes.   

Top Notes: The scents that you smell immediately upon application of a perfume.  Top notes consist of small molecules that evaporate quickly.  This is a person's initial impression of a perfume and very important in the selling of a perfume. 

Middle or Heart Notes:  After the top notes dissipates the middle notes emerges and this is the "heart" or main body of a perfume.  

Base Notes:  This is the scent of a perfume that appears right after the departure of the middle notes.  The base and middle notes together are the main theme of a perfume.  The base notes is what stays and lingers from a perfume.  They are usually rich and deep and typically not perceived until 30 minutes after you have applied the perfume to your skin.  

This weekend I stopped by several counters to learn about their fragrances.  My first stop was The House of Creed.  I learned a lot about their fragrances.  Stay tuned for my next blog on Creed and how he created a Princess of Monaco's wedding bouquet into a world famous perfume.