Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Fragrance Diaries: Entry #4 Miss DIOR!

First bottle of Miss Dior

Hello Gorgeous!

To quote Christian Dior: "What I remember the most about the women who were of my childhood was their perfume- perfume lasts much more than the moment." Fragrance was a final touch in the making of his dresses.  It is even said that he would sew rose petals into the hem lines of all his dresses.  If you ever encounter a vintage Dior dress just touch the hem line of the dress and you will feel and hear the crunching sound of the roses.  

The "New Look"

On December 1, 1947 Dior sold his first fragrance, Miss Dior!  He told perfumers to create a perfume that is "like love."  Around this time Dior created the "New Look" that was a richer look which created luxury rather than comfort. These dresses were also know for their voluminous skirts.   If  you wanted a Dior perfume you had to purchase a dress!  His fragrances were meant to be coveted. 

The new look of Miss Dior

Miss Dior is now available in several different scents.  Miss Dior Cherie is no longer available (I wasn't a fan of that one). Miss Dior now comes in the original, L'Eau, and Toilette. The original is the actual parfume and the toilette is a little watered down. L'Eau is a fresh floral scent (new to the collection).  

Roses from Dior's garden
Dior owns gardens around the world in France, Brittany, Madagascar, and Uzbekistan.  Here they create some of the finest scents around.

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