Saturday, December 31, 2011

Monistat: The Great New Primer Under $7.

Hello Gorgeous,  

You are probably thinking how could she even think of putting a gel from Monistat on her face?  This product is not related at all to yeast infections. All it does is stop chaffing. Here is the low down on this miracle gel.

What it Does:
  Dries to a powder finish.
  Creates a matte surface so makeup glides on and stays on.
  Smooths out large pores, uneven skin tone and blemishes.
  Prevents breakouts.
  Allows for much smoother for eye shadow application on mature      skin.
  Keeps make-up looking fresh by locking it in.

  Makes your face look youthful and dewy.
  Concealer glides on easily.
  Doesn't feel greasy.
  Helps mineral make up last longer and look less cakey.
  Makeup stays on for more than 8 hours, looking as good as when first applied.
  Excellent mattifier on top of any cream/lotion/sunscreen.
  Fragrance free.
  Smooths skin texture which reflects light and eliminates
    shadows (so you look younger)
  Non-pore-clogging (non-comedogenic)
  Keeps your makeup fresh in 100+ degree heat
  Gentle enough to use every day.
  Softens appearance of fine lines.

Dimethicone (1.2%)
Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate, Trisiloxane. 

Why it Works:
Dimethicone is found in Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel.   This is also found in all the high-end foundation/face primers. Dimethicone is a silicone emollient (a skin softener) that forms a silky, breathable barrier between the skin on your face and your foundation.  What dimethicone does is it acts as a barrier between your face and the foundation.  No oil will get out or in, so no more blotting your face for oil.  The other good thing is it lets your moisturizer work and your foundation won't get into your pores and clog them.

Where to Buy it:
After looking at a bunch of tutorials on youtube on this people said it is never in drugstores because of popularity.  You can get it by the loads at thou. 

What does it Cost:
$6.37  That is a great price as compared to department store brands that cost around $45 a bottle.

How to Use it:
Apply after your moisturizer and before your foundation.  EASY!  Only thing you have to do is let it dry completely before applying foundation. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wanna Get Naked 2?

Hello Gorgeous Doll, 

I just got the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay as a Christmas gift.  I love these types of gifts!  So far I love this palette better than the original.  The difference between the two is simple: The first one has more warm colors and the second one has more taupe cool colors.  Naked 2 is very wearable for anyone.  As you may know UD has very pigmented colors.  In this palette you will find 3 matte colors (Foxy, Tease, and Blackout), the rest are metallic or shimmery.  

Here are the swatches! 

From Left to Right: Foxy, Half Baked,
Bootycall, Chopper

From Left to Right: Tease, Snakebite,
Suspect, and Pistol

From Left to Right:  Verve, YDK,
Busted, and Blackout

Bootycall (highlight), YDK (lid),
and Blackout (crease)

The packaging is a lot better this time around.  Naked 2 comes in a metal case that snaps shut.  This gorgeous palette also comes with a double ended nylon brush.  

FYI:  Nylon brushes make the eyeshadows seem creamy looking on your lid.  A makeup artist secret!  

How do I rate this product

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price:  4 out of 5
Would I buy again? Probably just once since it will last awhile!  
Where can I purchase this? Urban Decay and online at Sephora

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tom Ford's Blush Collection!

Hello Gorgeous! 

I can't say enough great things about Tom Ford's blush collection!  AMAZING texture and pigmentation. If you buy this blush you will have for years to come!  A little goes a long way!  My favorite is Love Lust!  It looks similar to NARS' Orgasim.  This color is a pinky peach color and looks great on everyone. The two darkest colors Savage and Ravish are great for darker skin.  Savage can be used as a bronzer (lightly applied).   

Left to Right: Love Lust, Frantic Pink,
Wicked, and Flush

A look inside the drawers at the Tom Ford Bay!

Left to Right: Savage and Ravish

Compact it comes in
How do I rate this product

Product: 5out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price:  3 out of 5
Would I buy again? Probably just once!  
Where can I purchase this? Neiman Marcus store and on

Tom Ford's Entire Eye Shadow Collection!

Model is wearing Violet Dusk.

Hello Gorgeous!

I have the goods on Tom Ford's eye shadow collection.  Finally the most anticipated makeup collection is out at Neiman Marcus stores for purchase.  What I love about these eye shadows is that they have great texture and pigmentation.  What I do not like is the price range, $75 for one compact.  Chanel's eye shadows don't even cost that much ($58).  Let's face it you really are just paying for the name Tom Ford!  

I tried to find dupes for some of the colors but what I found was that the only shades that don't compare to any out there are Sahara Haze and Cobalt Rush.  Cobalt Rush is actually the best blue I have ever seen.  I love it!  The browns in this collection, 3 in all, you can find else where at a reasonable price (Mac has great colors that are similar).  The only shades I find different in the brown collection are Golden Mink.  Three shades in that collection are shimmery and have a high shine effect to them.  These are great for the holiday season! They sort of remind me of the John Galliano's eye shadow collection from Dior (discontinued).  

The purples in this collection, Violet Dusk and Crushed Amethyst, are gorgeous and should only be a treat to yourself because they are not colors you would wear everyday.  Purples look great on green, hazel, and brown eyes. If you decide to buy any buy the purples because they will last you a long time.  

FYI: Tom Ford's collection is made by Estee Lauder! 

Silvered Topaz

Crushed Amethyst

Sahara Haze

Violet Dusk

Cobalt Rush

Cocoa Mirage

Golden Mink

Burnished Amber

Cognac Sable

Titanium Smoke

How do I rate this product

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5
Price:  2 out of 5
Would I buy again? Probably just once!  
Where can I purchase this? Neiman Marcus store and online.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DIY: Cleopatra's Milk Bath!

Cleopatra's Milk Bath!

Hello Gorgeous! 

Are you feeling tried and worn out?  Is your skin looking dull?  I have the perfect solution for you!  Here is her recipe so you can too  bath like an Egyptian Goddess!  

     2 cups Whole powdered milk
     1/2 cup Cornstarch
     1/4 cup Baking soda
     5 drops of Rose Absolute Oil

Mix in a blender and put into a gorgeous jar of your own!

Cleopatra allegedly enhanced her beauty with fresh milk.  Her secret was that she soaked in baths of fresh milk scented with honey, lavender, or rose petals.  Her servants even used strawberries and raspberries on occasion to scent her bath.  It is said that Cleopatra's boat was so fragrant that Mark Anthony smelled the perfume before he even saw the vessel itself.  

Milk contains lactic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid, which is a gentle, natural exfoliant. An average person grows a new layer of skin approximately every two to four weeks, shedding the old cells.  The lactic acid dissolves the glue that holds the dead skin cells to the body.  A 20 minute soak allows the dead cells to be easily washed away.  Of course you have to use a wash cloth too.  The milk also acts as a moisturizer, likewise helping to create lustrous, silky soft skin.  

Don't forget to add some raw honey to the running bath water and some freshly picked rose petals too!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub

My Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub

Hello Gorgeous!

I love scrubs because they remove old, ugly, scaly skin!  YUCK!  I found an easy way, via Pinterest, to make your own scrub.  

You can buy some jars at a craft store or the dollar store and make your own labels to place on the jars.  All you need for ingredients are sugar, olive oil, and pure lemon oil.  I bought the pure oil from a Whole Foods store.  

In a large bowl mix about 3 cups of sugar and 2 1/2 cups olive oil together or until there is a good consistentcy.  Next add a few drops of lemon oil and stir together.  I keep pouring the pure oil until I like the smell. You judge how much you want.  Have Fun!!! 

Olive Oil


My Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub

My Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub