Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Put Your New Lipstick in a Vintage Lipstick Tube

 Hello Gorgeous!

I was reading a recent article on Dita Von Teese in Instyle Magazine and was struck by her glamorous style and great taste for vintage clothes and household items.  She talked about her house and all the vintage collectibles she holds dear.  One thing she loves to do is collect old vintage lipstick tubes and refills them with her favorite MAC lipstick Russian Red.  Here is her quote:  “I own vintage lipstick tubes and refill them with my favorite color, Russian Red by M.A.C. First I put the lipstick in the freezer then in to the tube”.  I decided to research just how to remove a lipstick from its tube and here is what I found.

Get your vintage lipstick tube and clean out as much as you can.  You don't want to use some lady's old lipstick from the 40s you could loose your lips!  Place your lipstick in the freezer for several hours.  Freeze it and then dig it out (it's easier and less messy this way.) Clean it in hot soapy water (no dishwasher).

Take the lipstick you want to put into your vintage tube and freeze it.  You want a deep freeze on it so put in the freezer not on the door.  After several hours (put it in at breakfast and take it out when you get home from work), take the frozen lipstick out of the freezer.  Twist the lipstick all the way to the top and using wax paper gently rock the lipstick back and forth until it comes completely out of the tube.

Make sure your vintage tube is twisted all the way to the top.  Take your newly freed lipstick and using a lighter/match barely melt the bottom of it. (BE VERY CAREFUL OR YOU COULD FIND YOUR SELF IN A PUDDLE OF LIPSTICK).  Place it inside the tube and then twist it back down.  If you heated too much just pop it back in the freezer for a bit (standing upright).

Now, your lipstick is as unique and amazing as you are and everyone will envy the gorgeous girl with her fabulous lipstick tube and luscious pout.  

Vintage Wiesner of Miami Rhinestone
lipstick tube holder with mirror.
Tip on finding your vintage lipstick tube:  Shop on ebay, go to an estate sale, or stop by an antique store.  Happy shopping!  

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