Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Make Your Own Illuminator for Your Face!

Hello Gorgeous!

I have found the perfect way to get a natural glow without getting sunburn or breaking the bank!  We all want to look like the sun kissed our faces and gave us a warm glow. There happens to be a million products out there that can give you a glow.  Here is a makeup artist trick that can save you $$$. 

Mac cosmetics has some wonderful pigments that can be used on your eyes, face, cheeks, and lips.  Lots of people think that Mac pigments are just for the eyes. I own lots of them and use them in a variety of ways. My favorite color is Vanilla.  I like to mix some Vanilla with my moisturizer and then blend together onto my face.  You can also mix some Vanilla into your foundation if you don't want to mix with your moisturizer.  

I use one pump of foundation on the top of my hand and sprinkle some Vanilla pigment onto it and mix gently with my finger.  Next I apply it all over for a luminous glow! Try it and tell me how you like it!

Moisturizer and pigment in Vanilla 
MAC's Vanilla Pigment

Mixed together

Vanilla Pigment

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Eyeshadow Quad in Femme Fatale

Hello Gorgeous!

I had the pleasure of coming upon a very luxurious eyeshadow compact by Dolce & Gabbana.  I have to admit I purchased it because of it's name (Femme Fatale).  I have always wanted to purchase Dolce & Gabbana's makeup, but was a little afraid because they design clothes not makeup!  I am really glad I took a risk and did.  The colors in this palette are absolutely gorgeous.  

This palette consists of greys and blacks.  I have to say I throughly impressed with the texture and color.  The feel of these eyeshadows are super silky!  These have to be my new favorite eyeshadows.  Anyone can wear these colors and they look gorgeous on all eyes.  You can apply it for a sultry smokey look or make it subtle. Either way you will definitely be a Femme Fatale!  Now that is SEXY!

Femme Fatale Collection

Femme Fatale 

Femme Fatale 
Femme Fatale 

How to Make Your Own Rose Water!

Hello Gorgeous!

I love owning rose water spray from the department stores, but lately with the way the economy it is too expensive!  I found a way to have what I love and not spend too much money.  For Valentines Day I received a beautiful vase of my favorite roses (Latina Roses), so instead of throwing them away after a couple of days I made rose water.  

Rose Water Ingredients:

Handful of rose petals (wash all the chemicals off gently first) 
2 cups of spring water, boiling

In a bowl, place the roses and pour water on top of them.  Cover with a plate and let them sit for a few hours.  Using a strainer, drain the water into a gorgeous spray bottle of choice.  

Keep it in your purse to spray over your makeup during the day as a refresher or keep in the bathroom as an astringent.  You can use this spray several times a day!

Benefits of Rose Water:

Normal Skin: purified and cleansed
Oily Skin: balanced and toned
Sensitive Skin: soothed and cooled
Mature Skin: toned and rejuvenated

Other Benefits:

Helps heal sunburns and wounds.
Apply it as an aftershave to soothe irritated skin.