Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bare Escentuals Look Using Foiled Eye and Rocker Eye Tutorials

Hello Gorgeous!

Here is my soft dramatic eye using a very popular brand, Bare Escentuals.  Minerals from the earth are wonderful on the skin.  I love BE because this is makeup you can sleep in and not get wrinkles.  Who doesn't love that?  I used my favorite kits from BE on my eyes and here are the results!  I used both Rocker Eye Kit and Foiled Eye Kit.  I bought both of these at Sephora.

Eyelids: mixed together Night Owl and 1980s
Above the Crease: Disco
Highlighter: Nude Beach (sold separately) 
Crease: Rock Star
Eye liner: Rock Star (used on top of lid near the lashes too)
I did not use Black Leather shadow at all from the Rocker Eye Kit.

Black Leather

Rock Star


Left to Right: Black Leather, Rock Star, 1980s

Night Owl


Nude Beach (sold separately)

Left to Right: Nude Beach, Disco, Night Owl

Lips: Sweet Beige by Chanel.
Cheeks: Tenderling by MAC.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Great Dupe for MAC's Violetta Lipstick

Amethyst Ablaze
Hello Gorgeous!

Yesterday I posted a look using Violetta lipstick from MAC as part of my look.  Today I found an awesome dupe for that lipstick, Maybelline's Amethyst Ablaze limited edition lipstick.  If you are on a budget and really wanted to get Violetta here is your chance to get a great dupe.  I found this little gem at Walgreens.  You can find it where ever Maybelline is sold.  I did use Vino lipliner (MAC) with both lipsticks.
 Left to Right:  Violetta and Amethyst Ablaze

Amethyst Ablaze

Amethyst Ablaze

Amethyst Ablaze

Amethyst Ablaze

MAC Violetta

MAC Violetta
I found that the MAC lipstick is the same in texture as the Maybelline.  Maybelline's didn't smell bad either.  I hate lipsticks that have a weird smell.  This one didn't.  I also found that both are rich in color, but the Violetta is a bit deeper in color (not much).   Violetta is a little more purple than Amethyst Ablaze, but you really can't tell the difference.  If you couldn't get a Violetta lipstick then head to the next Walgreens and get Amethyst Ablaze!  MAC's cost $14.50 + tax and Maybelline's cost $7.50 + tax.  Happy shopping! XXOO

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Makeup Organized!

Hello Gorgeous!

I finally was able to organize all my makeup!  I recently wrote a blog about the Kardashian Makeup Organizer and fell in love with it.  The cost not so much!  @ $300!!! NO WAY!  I found a least expensive way to store my makeup and still have it look glamorous. 

I found some makeup organizers at The Container Store.  If you have never been to this store you need to go!  The way I can describe this place is like this:   Perfectionists and organizers have died and gone to heaven! If you want to organize it they have a solution.  I went down the bath aisle and found loads of bathroom organizers along with makeup organizers.  These shown in the photos here are called "Stackable's".  The only difference between the $300 one and this one is that the more expensive one has drawers (a little easier to get to your stuff).  I really don't mind unstacking each one to get what I need.  I find them sturdy sleek and clean, and my makeup is safe from dust and pathogens.  Each stackable costs $9.99.  I bought seven.

 I do have more makeup, but it is stored in the bathroom drawer.  I also used clear drawer organizers found at The Container Store.

I also collect vintage Glamour Girl Head Vases.  I use them to hold my makeup brushes, eyeliner, and lipliners.  

 My favorite glamour girl that my mom gave me!