Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steamy Summer Eyes!

Hello Gorgeous!

I am really loving the Reflects Pigments by MAC.  You can either use them wet or dry.  What I mean by wet is you need to use Mixing Medium (only sold at MAC Pro Stores).  Mixing Medium is kinda like a glue that holds the pigment in place.  You have to be careful with the pigments because if it gets in your eye it can damaging.  It is best to use with the Mixing Medium!

Today I tried Reflects of Teal and used it with Steamy eyeshadow (greenish turquoise) on my lid.  Woodwinked (goldfish bronzy brown) is in the crease blended with Mulch (darker bronze brown) and on the brow bone is Retrospeck.  In the corner of eye I used Juxt eyeshadow (a yellowish green color). All blended really well.  Under the eye I used a shader brush to line my eyes with Steamy!  After you apply all the eyeshadows on and blend well you apply the mixing medium to your lid (you only have a few seconds before it dries completely).  On top of the MM you use your shader brush and place don't rub the pigments on top.

Later today a full review of Tarte's True Blood Palette!


  1. Your eye color is beautiful! I have to go visit that MAC counter. Very impressed. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Lovely! Oh how I wish I had the time to glam my eyes like this!