Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Have Gorgeous Healthy Hair!

Hello Gorgeous!

Hope you all are having a restful Sunday!  I wanted to share a little secret to get gorgeous healthy looking  hair and you won't break the bank!  I don't spend a lot of money on hair products!  What I have invested in is a good oil treatment (Moroccan Oil) to leave in my hair and a good blowdryer (T3 sold at Sephoras).

Don't let those expensive shampoo brands fool you!  What they put in the shampoo are ingredients that will weigh your hair down and make you want to wash over and over again because it feels oily.  This is what keeps you spending more!

I actually use Tresemme Healthy Volume Shampoo sold at Walmart and I don't wash my hair for several days.  I know you probably thinking  UGH!  You don't wash your hair everyday?  Listen, I have met a lot of celebrity stylist who will agree with me on washing hair every 2-3 days.  They say it can damage hair and fade color.  After shampooing all you need is a quarter size amount of conditioner and start at the bottom third of the hair when working it in.  I always keep a hanging comb in my shower to comb the conditioner through.  This will evenly distribute it.  After I towel dry I rub a nickel size amount of Moroccan Oil throughout my hair.  Next, I blow dry with a T3 hairdryer (this is super great for your hair without damaging it).

Another trick that celebrity stylist have kept a secret is Baby Powder (DRY SHAMPOO!!!)  

If you are not shampooing daily and you have limp hair, I suggest sprinkling a bit of baby powder along the roots and crown or try using a dry shampoo.   Dry shampoos have become very popular.  I met a celebrity stylist, Brandon, this summer at Neiman Marcus.  He was promoting his new line "B Products" along with his fabulous dry hair shampoo.  He confirmed my growing suspicion on washing hair every 3 days.  He informed me how washing can actually damage your hair and ruin its color.   Something I already knew, but needed a confirmation that I was doing justice for my hair.  I think I hit the jackpot on this one!  If it works for me I bet it can work for you!

I will post the links for these fabulous products later!  Happy washing!


  1. Do you even rinse your hair daily with just water?

  2. I don't need to rinse with water. But I read in a "Hair" book that you can do that!

  3. I have never washed my hair daily. My mom's rule has always been every other day! But I do rinse my hair with just water if I go to the gym that day.