Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fountain of Youth Discovered!

Hello Gorgeous!

Do you realize that every time you go outside without sunscreen the sun's rays penetrate deep into the skin layers and are largely responsible for aging our skin?  Not to mention the fact you are putting yourself at risk for skin cancer in the future?  You don't want to look like a leather face do you?

Let me help put your mind at ease and also help you slow down the aging process!  I want to tell you about what sunscreen can do for you and which ones to buy.

Here is what you might not know about your sunscreen!

Sunscreens are either chemical or physical.  What does that mean?  If a sunscreen is chemical it means that the sunscreen is absorbing the sun's rays and contain ingredients like Paba and Benzophenone.  Research shows how easily skin absorbs products and this type of sunscreen makes it dangerous because it can enter the blood stream if used regularly.  Who wants chemical absorption?  I sure don't! The other property, which is physical, works by reflecting the sun's rays and contains the minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.   These minerals sit on top of the skin and while effective some of us may think "I don't want to look like a lifeguard who's nose is white!"  Not to worry because the Angels are singing that new technology has created sunscreens with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that go on clearer! 

What to look for when buying a sunscreen!
  • Broad spectrum UVA, UVB some even offer UVC protection (Most UVC rays are blocked by the ozone layer but some sunscreens provide protection for these rays too)
  •  Effective.  Which means it maintains a consistent level of protection.
  •  Natural and sun safe sunscreen ingredients. 
Does it work?

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has found through their studies that the most effective natural sunscreens are those made from titanium dioxide or zinc.  This is the BEST resource out there.
Here is their website:

How I shop for sunscreen.

I look for one that has natural ingredients.  I usually buy the baby sunscreen.  I also look for one with an SPF higher than 30.

Adults can use it too.

This is great too for adults.
 Keep in mind that your makeup might have an SPF, but that does not mean you don't need to put on sunscreen before you apply your makeup. You still need it under your makeup.  After your cleanse and moisturize you should apply a thin layer of sunscreen on your face and neck.  Don't forget your decollete. Your SPF for your face should be a 15 or higher. 


  1. So glad you wrote about the "Fountain of Youth"--have been using sunscreen all my life, even when it was "not in style". In my era, girls wanted the tan and baby oil was the one thing that was a must. Thank God I never went with the latest fad--my skin now thanks me. I personally love the Shiseido products which are recommended by the American Cancer Society. Also, the physical properties can also affect your hormone levels and what woman wants that. You're doing a great job by informing the public about SPF--the "Fountain of Youth."

  2. Oh, my God! I meant the CHEMICAL affects the hormone levels in women, NOT the PHYSICAL. So sorry for the BIG MISTAKE in my 1st comment. Ladies, please always look for the Zinc Oxide and that must be at least 7% to be effective.

  3. This is my 3rd comment because I feel this is so very important to women, men, and children. As I wrote before, I use Shiseido but it can get expensive so I use the Coppertone Baby with a 50+ SPF. The only drawback to that is that it goes on white but it does the job on my legs and arms and the white does go away. I purchase the Coppertone Baby when it's on sale at Walgreens at a 2 for 1 special.

    Be very careful because all baby sunscreens are NOT the same. Look at the ingredients on the back of the bottle or on the box. If it does not give you a percentage, don't buy it. Coppertone Baby 50+ is really good and you can trust me when I say, I've done my research.

    Shiseido is the best--I use it as my moisterizer in the morning. Don't forget to go behind the ears, and all the way down to the bra area. By the way, your clothes only have a 20% protection against the rays of the sun so layer it on ladies.

    One more thing--with a physical SPF, you can go out immediately. If you use a chemical SPF, you have to wait at least 30 minutes AND you have to reapply every 2 hours. Who has time for that? Not the working woman of today!

    PHYSICAL SPF is the way to go. Read the ingredients on the back and remember it must be at least 7% Zinc Oxide.

    I could write a book on this. Christina's Beauty Mark is great to have brought this subject to light and with the sun beaming its rays we can all use all the knowledge we can get.

    Who ever said there was no "fountain of youth" didn't know Christina!

  4. Shiseido is an awesome brand. I should have mentioned it in the blog. I use this one on my face in SPF 60! Love it. Glad you loved this piece I did!