Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trish McEvoy's Portable Beauty Collection Romance

Hello Gorgeous! 

Yesterday I went to go see my good friend Rob Escher at Neiman Marcus Northpark in Dallas, who also happens to be the National Makeup Artist for Trish McEvoy.  He showed me a new "Planner" that Trish McEvoy has come out with recently.  I have to say Trish has out done herself this time!  Her new Timeless Beauty Ready to Wear Makeup Planner and Portable Beauty Collection Romance are a Valentino inspired purse with that famous accented bow on front.  
National Makeup Artist for Trish McEvoy, Rob Escher
I have tons of her planners, but this doesn't stop me from getting a new one because her planners can be used for different occasions.  I have a range from a turquoise snake print to a bubble gum Barbie pink patent one.  I use them all the time depending my mood.  Her planners resemble an office agenda.  All your makeup is organized and in place. She has pages to hold your blushes and eye shadows on a ring binder.  Perfect for the professional woman!  Really anyone can use it because she has made it fun to own!  

Trish McEvoy is also known for making Beauty Emergency Cards for eyes and lips.  Really ingenious if you ask me!  This little "credit card" size makeup card is perfect for just about anyone, from the minimalist to the fashionista who has a red carpet event and can't carry much with her.  

Trish's Portable Beauty Collection Romance beauty case is so adorably cute and holds her famous Beauty Emergency Card with a set of dual ended brushes, beauty booster lipgloss in SPF 15, and eye lift under-eye brightener.  

Rob and I wanted to see just what would fit inside this cute little case.  We were able to put my cell phone, a couple of credit cards, and a full size lipstick from Trish's line, plus the rest of the products that came with the case.  AMAZING!!!  Ladies this is really all you need for a night out on the town.  Don't fret with a handbag.  You will look elegant and chic with your Valentino like case!  People will ask where you got this!  Did I mention it has a built in mirror too? It does! You will look fabulous! 

Just the cell phone and the rest of the products
 FYI Those brushes alone are the cost of the case! This case with all the goodies costs $75. 
added the full size lipstick and credit cards.

So Adorable
Here is what you get:

  • instant eye lift under-eye brightener and line filler, deluxe travel size.
  • Beauty Booster lip gloss SPF 15 in Sexy Petal, deluxe travel size.
  • Dual Ended Eye Brush featuring two of Trish's most iconic eye-enhancing brushes on opposing ends: Brush 50 Angled Eye Lining and Brush 23 Angled Crease Contour.
  • Brush 48 Blending:  The perfect face color application and blending brush. (this is from Neiman Marcus' website)
Photos of color:

Beauty Emergency Card Romance Left to Right:
Shell, Glaze Romance, and Antique Rose,
Eye Definer in Deep Aubergine on lower left, and
Bronzer Golden (huge amount).


Glaze Romance

Deep Aubergine

Antique Rose

Bronzer Golden 

From Left to Right:  Shell, Glaze Romance, Deep Aubergine,
and Antique Rose.

Bronzer Golden

Beauty Booster Lip Gloss SPF 15 in Sexy Petal.

Sexy Petal

Instant Eye Lift under-eye brightener and line filler
Instant Eye Lift under-eye brightener and line filler

How do I rate this product

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price:  5 out of 5
Would I buy again? Yes in a different style!  
Where can I purchase this? Neiman Marcus (ask for Rob at Northpark Mall in Dallas, Tx) and Trish McEvoy's website

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  1. I love my planner--I have the black Chanel looking one and use it all the time. Great for travel and just like you said--it's double duty. The Valentine inspired one is a classic.