Monday, August 15, 2011

New Chanel Colors!!!

Hello Gorgeous!  

Chanel always comes out with a new colors every month. It is all about the purple taupes and blues. This month they brought back the eye shadow quad in Variations (gorgeous purples).  I had these once and used them up and Chanel discontinued them.  I had to go on ebay to find some more because I just loved the color combination.  Chanel will be doing a lot of re-promoting and bringing back colors that are discontinued.  Be on the look out!!!

The second quad has beautiful shimmering blues called Lagons.  Chanel also came out with some re-promotes of single eye shadows like Magic Night (purple maghoany) and Lily (beige pink).  Two new eye shadows are added to this list--Fave (Shimmering Plum Taupe) and Twilight (Shimmering Coral Pink).  Along with the collection they have a new waterproof eyeliner in Taupe.  This color is absolutely gorgeous!  It is like a taupe grey with shimmer (photo was lost).

Variations Left to Right: Deep Purple, Light Pink,
Violet, Shimmering Purple Grey.
Lagons Left to Right: Ice Blue, Navy,
Blue Grey, Light Blue

Left to Right: Magic Night, Fave, Lily, and Twilight
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