Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Review of Fresh's Umbrain Clay Mask

Hello Gorgeous!

Tonight after I showered I applied this wonderful Umbrain Clay Mask to my face and left it on for 15 minutes.  It felt just like a Fango mask I use to use when I was in high school.  It smelled great too, like lavender. You have to hurry to put it on because once it hits your face it dries quickly. After it set for 15 minutes I wiped it off with a moist towel and rinsed off the rest with warm water.  My face felt firmer.

What this clay does is remove impurities deep within your skin.  It basically detoxifies it!  It stimulates the circulation and encourages cell turnover.  This is great for people who suffer from acne because dead skin doesn't have a chance of settling inside the skin and creating a cyst.

History of this wondrous clay:

This clay can be found in Nocera Umbra in Itay.  It was a therapeutic treatment that has been used for centuries.  Lev and Alina, co-founders of Fresh, have a friend who suffered from bad cystic acne.  This friend had tried everything and finally bought this clay at an herbal store.  She mixed this clay with water and used it as a weekly mask.  When Lev and Alina saw her again they couldn't believe her flawless complexion.  She had no more acne!  Lev and Alina had to have this clay, and the rest they say is history!

Does it work?

I have always known that any type of clay mask is great for balancing the skin, especially oily skin.  Lots of skin care lines have their own version of a clay mask.  I like this one because it has a history to it.  Italian people are known for their beautiful skin.  They love their olive oil!  Umbrain Clay actually has olive oil as an ingredient.  I think with weekly use of this mask, my skin will thank me for it in the long run.  Although I do not suffer from acne, I still feel better knowing that my skin will be detoxified.

How do I rate this product:

  • Product: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 4 out of 5
  • Quality: 5 out of 5
  • Price:  5 out of 5
  • Would I buy again? Yes
  • Where can I purchase this?  Sephora, Fresh store, Nemian Marcus, www.fresh.com
FYI  This product was voted by Allure magazine as the #1 face mask.

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