Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photographic Artist Monique Diaz Layzell

Hello Gorgeous! 

I remember a quote the famous supermodel Carol Alt used to say, "I wish I looked like Carol Alt!"  The reason she said that was because of how her makeup artist and photographer worked their magic to make her look amazingly flawless.  If you look at all those photographs of celebrities you can see they have had their photos altered to look more flawless.  I think it is an amazing luxury to have that done and I know someone who is super talented and can give you that experience of looking glamorously flawless!  

Monique Diaz Layzell is a Photography Artist that does amazing photo retouches on any photo.  Monique has always had a passion for fashion and art since a very young girl.  She went on to receive a degree in Fashion Design and History from a college in London, England.  Although she lived in England for many years she is a Texas Girl from Dallas!  Monique has worked as a makeup artist for many years, which allows her to retouch and enhance images in a professional view.  Her view as an artist is this: "My photography allows me to show how I view the world and create art." 

Recently she has done some of my photos and even the one for this blog up at the top.  I never knew I could look like that!  She can do any photo you want retouched!   Graduations, weddings, and anniversaries are just a few from the list that can go on and on.  

Here is some of her wonderful work! 

I requested violet eyes for this one!

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For more information on her work click on link below.

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