Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Awesome Dior Leopard Collection Only Exclusive to Sephora!

Mitzah Bircard (Dior's Muse)
Hello Gorgeous! 

The House of Dior has created a leopard print collection inspired by Dior's muse Mitzah Bircard.  For many years Dior used the glamorous Mitzah for inspiring his timeless trends and fashion statements.  During the 1940s Mitzah was the ultimate fashionista and was well known for her turbans, stilettos, pearls and most of all, leopard print.  It is said that she had to have a leopard print somewhere on her body at all times. 

In 2010 The House of Dior launched a new line inspired by Mitzah's chic style.  They created the Resort Collection and 'Mitzah' exclusive perfume.  Now she has her own inspired makeup collection coming out September 24th that is only exclusive to Sephora stores Nationwide.  Right now you can order this collection at Sephoras online.  
Dior Mitzah Panter Eyeshadow-Jungle Print $90

Toping off the collection is the Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow- Jungle Print.  This is a limited edition eye shadow palette in the iconic Dior "Mitzah" jungle print. This fashion-forward palette features a range of eye shadows in sophisticated browns and camel tones, embossed and designed with Dior's signature jungle print. The mirrored, silver-tone compact comes beautifully packaged in a black velour pouch lined with Dior's panther pattern for an extra touch of luxury (via Sephora).  These eyeshadows can be used individually or smoothed on altogether for one gorgeous camel color.  

From Left to Right:  Ebony and Camel

The Mitzah collection also has some gorgeous animalistic colored nail lacquer.  One in Camel and the other in Ebony.


5 Couleurs Conture Colour 
Eyeshadow Palette- Mitzah 
These eye shadows are also apart of the "Mitzah" Collection.  The palette is limited- edition and features five eye shadows in brown and beige tones embossed with with Dior's signature jungle print.

Lip Maximizer in Peach
Also featured for the 23rd of September is their Lip Maximizer in a new color, peach.  If you are a fan of the Lip Glow, I suggest you give this one a try as well.  It looks gorgeous on any lip!

Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear
Adhesive Eyeliner Patches
For all you eyeliner lovers!  Dior has come out with a one of a kind ready to wear adhesive eyeliner patches.  These are eyeliner "patches" that are ready to wear in minutes.  It is like a sticker or transfer tattoo, and the designs range from the simplest matte-black to the most lavish lacquered with sparkling Swarovski crystals.  

The set contains 4 pairs of eyeliner patches: 2 black one, 1 all pasted with anthracite grey crystals, 1 black with white crystals and a small glue. 

Backstage Brow Design
Brow Shaping Stencils

Dior now has it's own brow shaping kit with stencils.  Backstage Brow Design Brow Shaping Stencils Kit includes easy to use stencils and two brow pencils for reshaping the brows.  This set contains 6 brow stencils, and 2  0.08 oz small brow pencil.

Dior Girls Brandi and Philicia 

Visit your nearest Sephora store on September 24th for an exclusive event.  Dallas Norkpark Mall is having a huge event that day with all the exclusive products plus makeovers to try these gorgeous colors.  Don't miss out and call to make an appointment or just walk in, someone is always there to help.  

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